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2028 Hancock St, San Diego, CA 92110

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About AwareWolf

AwareWolf is a beautiful rooftop yoga lounge in Mission Hills. The venue actually sits atop a night club, although the two are never open at the same time. AwareWolf sits is located in the heart of the city where so often the constant hustle and bustling energy creates a deep need to re-center. Places like this are very needed to reconnect with oneself.

The evening we visited we got to try out one of their yoga/reiki/sound bath events. I was pretty excited because I brought my partner with me who has never tried any of this type of stuff before.  I was so curious to see how he would feel afterwards.

Aware Wolf

I came in that evening with really bad back and neck pain, hoping the yoga would help a bit. We started off with an hour of guided yoga which included a girl walking around the room doing hands-on reiki while burning various herbs and incense.

It was a very sensory-rich experience. I’d never attended a yoga event before where you would occasionally be surprised by a person’s loving touch on your back during your stretches.  It felt so nice.

As the evening progressed, we eventually were immersed in a sound bath which involved us laying down with blankets while listening to the girls play crystal healing bowls and other exotic instruments.  It was really lovely.

By the end of the evening my spinal pain had almost completely gone away which made me realize I definitely need to be doing more yoga.  The sound bath was so uplifting and the effects from it definitely lingered into my next day.

My partner was blown away by the experience and said he wants to do these types of events weekly now.  They truly are so beneficial for both physical and emotional health.

While you’re in the area, make sure to check our Harper’s Topiary Garden nearby!

I will note that because this spot is in the city, you are surrounded by the sounds of the city.  To me, this is the perfect opportunity to practice true meditation, which is closing out all distractions around you.  If you can master that, then you are beginning to master the art of meditation.

Eventually the sounds all meshed together into what sounded more like a symphony of the sea. I just didn’t acknowledge it as city sounds anymore.



After talking to the owners, I did find out that the warehouse in which AwareWolf sits is believed to be haunted.  There was a death of a prominent figure inside the nightclub back in the 90’s whom people have reported seeing his figure late in the night.

The owners believe he means no harm and brings good energy to the club, so no fear!

AwareWolf offers a variety of yoga, meditation and fitness classes at all different levels.  I recommend checking out their class descriptions to see which one would be the best fit for you! They also have both hiking and happenings groups and they even host festival events and gatherings.  Check out their event page to see what they’ve got coming up!

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