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Fred's Urban Farm

3246 S. Barcelona St. Spring Valley, CA 91977

(619) 559-6509

[email protected]

Hours: 6am-9pm daily

Fred's Urban Farm

About Fred’s Urban Farm:

One of the cutest businesses I have visited recently is a little farm stand in Spring Valley called Fred’s Urban Farm.  This mother-son duo has created quite the hustle, working their way up to being the 2nd largest microgreen nursery in Southern California!

What is most exciting to me is their all-organic farm stand. Located right outside their home (which doubles as a 6 acre farm), all you do is pull right up and see what’s available!  They have the most adorable set-up, and all the fun signs you’ll see are hand-painted by co-owner Robin’s niece.

Mother & Son duo, Kellen & Robin

Fred’s Urban Farm has a refrigerated salad ATM which carries all types of goodies such as their classic microgreen salad, delicious homemade garlic spread (made by Robin’s mom) fresh herbs, eggs, sauerkraut and more!

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit Briercrest Park nearby!

The son, Kellen, also does beekeeping (yay for local honey which is an excellent way to combat allergies) and is just getting into growing mushrooms!  More reason to keep coming back as their selection grows!

The beauty of eating seasonally is the selection will always be changing. Nothing beats eating freshly-picked food while supporting local farmers.  It truly doesn’t get better than that. I was really blown away to see just how many stores their microgreens are sold at. Here is the list in case it is close to you:

(Dark Horse Coffee- La Mesa)
(Donny’s Café- Bonita)
(Small Goods- La Jolla)

Grocery Stores:
(Frazier Farms- La Mesa, Vista, Oceanside)
(Sprouts- East Lake, Chula Vista)
(Valley Farm- Spring Valley, La Jolla)
(Jensen’s- Point Loma)
(Windmill Farms- Del Cerro)
(Harvest Ranch- Encinitas)
(Seaside Market- Cardiff)

For those that are not familiar with microgreens, they are fully developed greens that have not reached the adult stage yet. They are a huge hit with chefs as they are both visually appealing but generally have a more subtle flavor than older plants.

Beyond being organic and locally grown, Fred’s Urban Farm has prices that are cheaper than most non-organic items at your local grocery store.  I for one will be stopping by here every time I’m in the area.  Just a tip: grab their garlic sauce.  It is SO good!  We’ve added it as an ingredient to pastas, cooked eggs (also picked up from Fred’s) and it goes great on toast!

And let’s check out their farm! 

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Fred's Urban Farm

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