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About the JAB Canid Conservation Center

At the JAB Canid Conservation Center you will get to meet Russian domesticated foxes, a wolf and the enthusiastic New Guinea singing dogs.  The breeds they carry are specific because they hold the answers to understanding how dogs have become domesticated.  By learning more about these specific genes and traits in animals, we in turn can learn more about human social disorders.

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit Lake Henshaw!

JAB is largely using their facility as a healing center for people dealing with a whole slew of issues, whether it be PTSD, depression, autism, etc.  There is much evidence of the healing power of animals, and canids are no exception.  Amy and David’s belief is that “through understanding comes appreciation and through appreciation comes conservation.”


Personal Experience

Once I caught wind that there was an interactive fox rescue in San Diego I knew I had to get in touch. The more I learned about the center’s mission, the more I became further intrigued to visit.

JAB Canid Conservation Center

JAB Canid Conservation Center is located in the back-country which is such a nice getaway for most of us.  If you come from CA-67, you will make your way past the Santa Ysabel Mission & Cemetery, which I recommend giving a visit.

The drive to their center is a climb and eventually takes you onto a dirt road, so make sure your car is equipped for that. I imagine in winter and after a good rain (or snowfall), it can become a dangerous and challenging drive.

The view is beautiful though and showcases the valley below and Lake Henshaw.  There are some restaurants in this immediate area too making it a potential full-day adventure if you hit up some of the other unique places around here.

It is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience interacting so closely with foxes.  They were extremely sweet and playful, with a constant grin and twinkle in their eyes.  They are fascinating creatures.

When you make your way to the top of the mountain, look out for this sign.  That is how you will know you are at the right spot:

The views up here are stupendous.  I can only imagine what it looks like when it’s snowing!

Right when we pulled up we were greeted by one of the owners, Amy, and her New Guinea singing dogs! Just like regular dogs, they were super excited to meet us and were yanking on their leashes for love and attention.

One of the elder New Guinea singing dogs came out to say hello:

We then went to the fox encounter to hang out with two adorable, red foxes!

Look at those eyes!!

I seriously cannot get over how cute his face is!

Hunting a dangling feather toy, just like a cat would!become a member

Posing with this cutie definitely made my day complete!

And one other fox that was lounging when we visited.  I guess he is in the process of shedding his winter coat right now which is an uncomfortable process:

The ride back down surely did not disappoint with gorgeous views of Lake Henshaw below!


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    We had such a lovely time having you out to meet our Ambassador Russian Belyaev foxes and the boys!! Thank you for sharing the work we are doing with your audience!! Xoxo?

    July 5, 2019

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