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1805 Columbia St, San Diego, CA 92101

(505) 270-2332

32.724931605, -117.167113417

Hours: M-Th- 10:30-6PM // F-Sa-10:30-7PM // Su-CLOSED



About Sainte Marie:

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to completely transform you and your wardrobe, then you absolutely have to visit Sainte Marie in Little Italy!  Even before making it inside their shop, I was immediately drawn to the décor outside.  It was so rich & inviting and immediately made me wonder what was inside.

Once through the doors I fell in love with literally every item my eyes fell on. Beautiful dresses, complex designs and unique items for your home fill every corner of the boutique. The owner, Georgina Gettman, truly has a eye for beauty.  Each piece in her shop seems to have been carefully chosen. Bright colors and bold designs help to embody the feminine energy felt throughout the entire store. You can just tell that if you put any of these outfits on, you’re going to feel amazing in it.

I immediately wondered what the back-story was with both the shop and owner.  The items seemed to be a collection from around the world–and it turns out they are! Georgina works with designers in mostly Mexico and Europe, offering an eclectic selection in her shop.

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Her upbringing was centered around her parents owning a fabric shop in Chula Vista. Being surrounded by so much beauty really helped to foster a lifelong passion for the arts. Having Mexican grandparents, Georgina spent a decade living in Mexico, getting the opportunity to really soak in the culture of this amazing country.  This too played a large part in what Sainte Marie is today.

What was most exciting for me to learn is that Georgina is one of the designers featured in the shop!  When I asked her how long she has been designing, she said she picked up the hobby during the pandemic!  Talk about a quick learner!  Working with local seamstresses and oftentimes picking out heirloom fabrics from her parent’s shop, she whips up stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Art is no new trade for her though.  She has a stunning collection of paintings, a few of them which are featured in her shop. You can also get a glimpse of some of them here as well.

Treat Sainte Marie as you would an art gallery, slowly picking through each piece with deserved appreciation.  Even if you buy nothing (or the entire store), I promise you will leave feeling uplifted and inspired! Marvel at the bold fashion choices she has chosen to be featured.  Every piece seems to have its own story.

Georgina has a few of her paintings displayed in the shop.  The artwork is just as bold and eccentric as you would expect from this designer!

A shot of Georgina on the left and one of the lovely models on the right:

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You may get to meet Georgina’s sweet husky!

They insisted I try on a piece too, which I did and they sure were correct, you really feel so beautiful in these clothes!

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