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Tiny House Block Village

9849 Sunrise Hwy, Mt Laguna, CA 91948

32.86227765051691, -116.4200277525739

Dog-Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes


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About Tiny House Block

As we all know, cost of living in San Diego has become a serious issue as homeowner and rental prices continue to soar.  For this reason, many are looking into how much they actually need from a home to truly be content.

Tiny homes (which also could be looked at as quaint cottages) are quickly becoming a more popular option.  I myself lived in a 300 sq. ft. cottage for several years at Taylor Pond and absolutely adored it.  I was forced to look at how many material items I actually needed in life (turns out not that much) and got by on the bare minimum.  I loved it and will always look back fondly at those times.

I really feel tiny homes are highly beneficial for so many reasons: less space means less land being destroyed, cheaper living means you’re saving more money, and less materialism in ones life is overall good for the soul (and planet).

Whether you’re wanting to take the deep dive and purchase a tiny home of your own and now need a space to park it, want an extended stay option or just want to spend a night in one to experience this type of dwelling, Tiny House Block has you covered!

The concept for Tiny House Block began in 2018 when brother and sister duo, Jon and Melissa Block, purchased a rundown RV park in Mount Laguna. Inspired by living minimalistic, they decided to take the plunge and create a space for others that too were drawn to this type of living.

The rest is history and the end result is a truly unique experience.  Being in the mountains, you will be getting all four seasons out here. We happened to visit right after the first snowfall of the season in early November, so the area was still scattered with white everywhere.  It was magical. Here’s a shot of the tiny home we stayed in that night:

The inside was quite tiny and straight to the point.  I should note that we stayed in one of the 1-story options as I was very pregnant at this point and wanted to avoid climbing ladders all night to use the bathroom.

It was perfect though and we loved it. The bed actually pulls out into a second bed, so my partner and I had plenty of room:

The adorable kitchen nook:

Literally right next to Tiny House Block is an extremely delectable French dining cuisine called the Pinehouse Cafe & Tavern.  It’s located within an historic cabin, with a tree growing out through the center of the restaurant.  This place is the perfect spot to have a cozy mountain meal.

After we ate we headed back to the tiny house village!

There was a lot of relaxing, game-playing (which was provided inside our home) and we even did a little night wandering.

Bonus points for it being dog-friendly!become a member

I also want to note that they are within 5 minutes from some remarkable hiking trails, including one of my favorites, the Sunset Trail to Laguna Meadows!

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