Fort Cross Haunted Harvest

Fort Cross Haunted Harvest

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4425 Hwy 78
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

Phone: 951-847-1904
33.096606, -116.647253


Haunted Harvest Admission: $25 if purchased before Oct. 1.  $30 after that and $35 after Oct. 15th.  This includes:

* Haunted Hayride * Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest * Apple Bobbing Contest (3 person team, bobbing on a string) * Harvest Hoedown with Jug Band * Apple Cider Pressing and Tasting

​** Calling ahead is recommended to reduce wait time so they can provide you with the best experience possible! **

Last weekend was definitely a memorable one!  We got to experience the amazing Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures in a whole new light for their Haunted Harvest!  There’s an entirely different tone at night.  Fort Cross is one of the most unique businesses we have in San Diego and is located in the back-country of Julian.  Learn old time skills such as candle-dipping, tomahawk-throwing, archery, apple cider-pressed and SO much more!

We specifically came for their night event so most of the photos are taken in the dark.  The entire place glows with festive autumn-hued lights and a safe, yet eerie, undertone surrounds you.  The haunted hayride at the end was my favorite!  I would say it was definitely one of the scariest “haunted house” experiences I’ve had in San Diego because you are in the legit woods and potentially surrounded by who-knows-what!  The thick fog was the icing on the cake!

We arrived in the daytime which gave us a little time to see all the new features they’ve added since the last time we visited.  The wood-working skills are remarkable, all created by co-owner Jesse Cross.  Everything you see is made by hand:

Fort Cross Haunted Harvest

Old-time dancing:

We made fresh apple cider which was so delicious!

Their gift shop is filled with unique treasures.  We picked up a ton of Mountain Made Candles.  This company captures the scents of Julian and they are super strong-scented.  I’m obsessed!

The haunted hayride was amazing and if you’re into a truly creepy experience (but still innocent and a lot of fun for children) I recommend checking this out!  You do get off the wagon and go walking into the pure darkness for a little.  You’ve been forewarned!

And back to the headquarters:

**UPDATE:  They no longer offer glamping but this is what we did the year we visited**

There is also a glamping station here created by Alter Experiences that we stayed at.  It really brought our night to a WHOLE new level!!!  Check out our experience here!

The next morning we visited their petting zoo!

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    This place looks amazing!

    October 12, 2018

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