Lavande Wellness Boutique & Elixir Café

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Lavande Wellness Boutique & Elixir Café

5544 La Jolla Blvd. La Jolla, CA 92037

(858) 933-4729

Dog-Friendly: No   Kid-Friendly: Yes

Lavande Website   Hours: 10am-6pm daily

 Elixir Website   Hours: 9am-6pm Tus-Sun // Closed: Mon

About Lavande Wellness Boutique

You will realize right upon entering Lavande that it is over-flowing with love and positivity. The feminine energy is just bursting here (which both females and males can benefit from).

Beyond carrying a wide variety of healing items, they also offer both private and public sessions. You can receive treatments such as gua sha and reiki, learn about womb alchemy, breathwork, yoga and so much more. Lavande’s backbone is rooted in healing others from the soul outward.

The owner, Kristy Hambrick, founded Lavande in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The business concept had been brewing for many, many years before though.

When I asked her what inspired the name Lavande, she gave me the most touching back-story: Apparently shortly before opening her business, she wrote a children’s book called The Lavender Plant and the Redwood Trees.

The story is about a little lavender plant that grew in a popular redwood forest.

The lavender plant would watch every day people coming to marvel over the redwood trees but nobody paid attention to her.  She had no clue she held such powerful, healing energy herself.

One day though, a small child saw the plant and fell in love with it. The child could care less about the trees.  She loved the smell and beauty of the plant.  It was then that the lavender realized its own self-worth. The book will hopefully be published at a later date so stay tuned!

Kristy has over-come plenty which brought her to the healing path she is on today. It all began over 20 ears ago when she finally escaped an abusive relationship.  One of her friends encouraged her to move to California to start a new life, and with not much to lose, she took her up on it.

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After being a stay at home mom and raising 3 kids for the past decade and a half, Kristy finally decided to follow her heart’s desire, which was to create the beautiful boutique and café we get to enjoy today.

About Elixir De La Lune Café

This lovely café is actually connected to Lavande and also owned by Kristy. If you are into deeply nourishing and aesthetically-beautiful food, make sure to check it out! 

Elixir was an obvious second chapter for Lavande as all senses are now touched upon while visiting these amazing shops. The menu was created with the most vibrant, healing ingredients (all vegan) guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted.

In their kitchen there are no microwaves and instead they use traditional, stovetop cooking. All meals are prepared from scratch with loving intentions from their hands to your mouth. You can check out their menu here.

Healing Rooms

This is the room I received my reading in.  It was a very interesting reading and she was able to pick up on things very personal to my life that I had not mentioned.  I really enjoyed it!

And afterwards I had a reiki session in this room: 

This is what it looked like during the session:

And the third room where sound healing and other amazing sessions go down:

Personal Experience

I ended up spending about 4 hours at Lavande and left that evening with the warmest feeling in my heart.  What makes this spot so special is how authentic both the owner and her employees are.  They are radiating with warmth and love.

Owner Kristy on the leftbecome a member

It felt like a very safe space to not only be vulnerable but also to take in the healing energies they were offering me.  The boutique and café are stunningly-beautiful.  Decorated completely by Kristy, no detail has been left out.  She truly has a knack for decorating!

I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat at their café and make sure to try their cacao drink!  I had the the most amazing uplift in my brain and heart!  It’s had me craving more every day since that visit!



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