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About Liberty Arising

 Liberty Arising was established in 1994 as a retreat center for the New Being Project School of Yoga. Currently the land and facilities are being offered to host yoga retreats, lodging accommodations and events of all kinds through all traditions and lineages.

The majestic 165 acre property has been host to many spiritual lineages, including masters of the Hatha, Kundalini, Tibetan, Sufi, and shamanistic traditions of the planet.

Liberty Arising has served as a center for personal spiritual growth in the form of residency since its inception.​ Currently Liberty Arising is embarking on a becoming one of Southern California’s premiere Permaculture demonstration sights.

Liberty Arising is a spiritual and yoga retreat nestled on 160 acres in Boulevard, San Diego. There are a ton of secret gems and wind caves and so much more!Their retreat center is nestled at the southern end of 165 acres of property surrounded by mountains in the high desert of Southern California.

The retreat center (Shala) boasts a 1000 square foot practice space, a kitchenette, a den, a dormitory that houses 24 participants, four private guest rooms, two full bathrooms and one half bath.

Personal Experience

We visited Liberty Arising knowing not too much about the space except for that they hold various spiritual and yoga retreats and are nestled on a large chunk of land. We arrived at night having no clue what our surroundings looked like.  We were given a tour of our sleeping space and quickly made ourselves at home with a cozy fire and thumbing through the books provided.

The next morning we finally got to scope out the magnitude of the land that we would be staying at for the weekend.  It was immense and brimming with opportunities! There’s a pool, steam room, outdoor showers and bathrooms, 165 acres to hike and explore, a TON of secret talus and wind caves, an industrial kitchen for cooking, ceremonial rooms and so much more!

The second night we got to share the space with three other couples giving it a bit more of a hostel vibe.  It was a lot of fun as we were all like-minded and easy to get along with.  Once we were ready for alone time, we retreated back into our room.


We had the yoga room to ourselves for the night!  No, this is not a yoga move, this is me trying to stretch and falling 😛

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A steep climb to our bedroom:

Once the morning came, we finally got to see where we were and all the beauty encompassing this place:

We cooked a tasty breakfast in their industrial kitchen:

Then ate it outside:

We finally got the chance to walk around the property and marvel upon a ton of interesting features and hidden gems:

One of their ceremonial rooms:

There were a handful of really cool outdoor bathrooms:

Once we began hiking, all the secret wind caves were revealed:

Another really cool hut we stumbled upon:

Art by the talented Stefan Ways:

They have a cute cabin offered as an Airbnb as well

Nighttime bonfire in one of the caves did not disappoint!

Until next time!

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    Jessica thank you for such a beautiful and loving glimpse into our retreat center. It was a pleasure to have you. Thomas

    February 26, 2020

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