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This is a private residence we do not give directions to

A special thank you to Agents of Architecture for allowing me to view this home


I recently got the opportunity to visit the most unique Sunset Cliffs residence, once home to the late and internationally-recognized artist, Leslie Perlis.  This home was designed in a post-modernism style, which was a movement that emerged in the 1960s as a reaction against the formality and lack of variety of modern architecture.

A shot of Leslie Perlis' house during her estate sale

The house contains whimsical touches throughout and is even said to have secret passageways of sorts where Leslie would hide her valuables.

Leslie actually grew up in this home but decided to renovate it in 2009 to better fit her taste. The result was a bold and wild flavor that I'm sure stirred up the neighborhood a bit. Beyond it being her residency, this was also Leslie's studio. When she lived here, the home was brimming with her artwork.

A big inspiration behind her style was artist, Peter Max.  She was a huge fan and collector of his art and even dubbed the unofficial president of the Peter Max fan club.  And even though she is not part of my era, I feel like Leslie would have been a big fan of Lisa Frank's colorful artwork as well.

I was able to see photos from her estate sale, which gives a better idea of who she was like as a person.  This home was VIBRANT and clearly an artist lived inside it. You can tell she was constantly crafting and excitedly strumming up new ideas.  Her home was almost an art installation in itself.

Leslie Perlis being her vibrant self

Leslie was most known for her glass artistry which can be found in churches, schools, residencies, restaurants and I'm sure many other nooks and crannies. She was also an author, teacher and one of the founding members and former president of the Art Glass Association of Southern California.

Without ever meeting her and even before even reading about her, I could already tell what a vibrant spirit she was just by seeing one single photo of her.

Online you can find articles where her friends describe in great detail what a caring person she was. Leslie was always looking to help others and contributing to her community. She was involved for over a decade putting stockings together for military troops and also created the Eric Pratt Drum Line Fund in memory of her late son.

Her life was filled with love, color, music dancing and turning everything around her into a wonderland of design. Although she has passed in human form, her life and legacy will clearly live on.  And so is the beauty of being an artist.  Your memory is forever held in every piece you lovingly created.


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