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Article by Danielle Berkeley: 

Encinitas means small oaks in Spanish

NatGeo voted Encinitas as one of twenty Best beaches

CreativeCollaborative Community Charm

Immersed in the Idyllic

Nuances in Nature

Is also known as The Flower Capital of the World

The Vibe

Artists abound all around

Surfers, Shopping, Sunshine, Say no more…

Make sure to check out our list of all hidden gems in Encinitas!

When I sat down to review the photographs accompanying the walks Jessica and I completed in Ency, I was considerably surprised when I realized that we covered a lot of ground so thoroughly. Granted we did put in the time and literal leg work, but as a contributor for Hidden San Diego, I am still very impressed with our exploration as well as Encinitas of course.  Toot Toot!

It was not until our most recent jaunt to North County that I discovered eZee Street.  We had just finished our final walk deciding we are ready to share about The Ency experience.  As I am driving off and at the last second, I turn my head right for some reason and as pure luck would have it, I saw eZee St.  Screech! go the tires, flipped that gear shift into reverse (my best gear) and took a cruz on The eZee, Who wouldn’t?  Who doesn’t want to live on eZee Street? Or Any Street, Encinitas?

Let me tell you what I LOVE about it and there is a ton to love.  First, I find the AIR quality invigorating, the wide and lovely streets smell delicious and there are pathways and connectors if you prefer to steer clear of traffic infused streets.

The peace and quiet while breathing the delicious aroma of bountiful flowers are a walkabout wonder in and of itself.  And after researching a bit, I am not the only one who has noticed this, for Encinitas is also known as the flower capital of the world.  Who knew?  The reason behind this deserved accolade is very different from say the Carlsbad flower fields.

Encinitas has an extensive collection of unique nurseries and gardens, the most extensive being San Diego Botanic Garden (37 acres!), which is Outstanding.  An interesting little-known fact: Encinitas is the world’s leading grower of, yes you guessed it, the poinsettia.  Again, Who knew?  There is a wonderful seamless integration of old-world charm and modern culture you notice walking around.

From the famous historic route 101 coastal shopping district to quaint sidewalk cafes to endless surfing, and surf shops make Encinitas a vibrant and thriving community.  The city is committed to the locals and the locals continue to give back by growing and continuing to create commerce, art, beauty in architecture and nature alike.  Invest in your community and I guarantee long term success for all.


Two major growth booms encompass the making of this great beach town.  The first in the late 1880’s and this can be noticed in the architecture and early residential development.  For the most part, it was simple in design deriving inspiration from the Cape Cod/Classic Cottage style aiming to recreate what you might see in a small rural town typical in the United States.  Some identifying features for those interested in architecture include, frame/overlap board construction, side gabled floor plan, and close-cropped eaves.

In contrast to the simple cottage style, you will also notice ornate and stylish Victorian homes scattered about (The Derby House most notably).  Structures designed from this era contain the following defining features: mansard roof, window trim and cornice molding, sheathed overlap board, typically made of wood shingle, overarching gable, low pitched roofs, exposed rafters.

True Victorian homes are more vertical in orientation while the classic craftsman in comparison, horizontal in orientation is designed with lowest proportions.  During the 1920-30’s most of the architecture consisted of two basic styles: Spanish eclectic or bungalow style.

The second notable boom occurred in the 1940’s-50’s saw post war commercial development creating today’s 1st/2nd Streets.  The buildings are simple versions of Moderne design popular in the 1930’s and marked by the following characteristics: large plate glass windows, low bulkheads, veneer, crisp rectilinear appearance, NO ornamental detail, tall upper facias with straight lines, parapets.  My personal favorite stop I liken to the Hotel Del for Coronado—for what would Ency be without The Boathouses?

Built in 1929 and designed by Miles Minor Kellogg the boathouses are considered an example of “courtyard architecture”. Many think the boathouses saw the sea when in fact that could not be further from the truth.  The materials used to construct the boathouses came from the dismantled dance hall pavilion at Moonlight State beach and attached bathhouse.  Each one is 2 stories, 59 ft long, 21 feet tall, and around 1100 sq ft.  SS Encinitas and The SS Moonlight live on 3rd St 92024.

Context shapes meaning as I always say.  So, when you are out in Encinitas galivanting you too will start to notice this eclectic community just jives well, it thrives well, and strives in stride.  I personally also enjoy the alley art walks which are now becoming ever so popular.  What you will come across in Encinitas is a wild variation of artistic styles ranging from fun and funky, to the far east, to down right impressionism, and dynamic portraits of some worthy individuals.

You should check it out.  There is nothing USUAL or typical or that I feel I have seen this somewhere else before whenever I roam the streets around the eZee.  Whatever gets your gig, it’s here in Encinitas– flavor exists for the wide pallet.  You can take your feet from the sandy beaches by the 101, get your acai bowl, and walk around for what lies on the other side of the tracks ain’t too shabby.

Little libraries abound, kids on their ebikes flying past you, trinket trees, and a lot of wetsuits and surfboards.  I highly recommend checking this part of town out because who knows maybe the Encinitas Surf Wizard is not related to The Wizard in Nado and maybe someway somehow someone gets to see the wizard.

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