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Fenton Pond

2155 Beyer Blvd, San Diego, CA 92154

Trailhead: 32.58825814422, -117.0721114226  Fenton Pond: 32.588783709, -117.0739867151

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes



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Fenton Pond

About Fenton Pond

Fenton Pond is located within Otay Valley Regional Park.  There are many hiking trails in this area and multiple ponds which you will quite likely come across.  We came here specifically for Fenton Pond but ended up finding a lot more than expected, including learning some very interesting history tied to this area!

Fenton Pond is named after Henry G. Fenton who had a sand and gravel mining company in this valley. This was a highly productive company which provided the concrete that helped construct the Salk Institute, the UCSD campus, the Home Federal skyscraper in downtown and even the Coronado bridge!

The ponds were used to remove the clay from the gravel but were also said to be popular swimming holes for the locals.  At least a couple tragic drowning incidents happened in these ponds due to their depth, specifically at LeMay Pond.

Today the area is a lovely and tranquil nature preserve with so many trails giving you the opportunity to return over and over again.  I know I will be as I already am learning of more little gems that we missed last time!

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