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About the Eagle Nest Historic Adobe

For the history buffs out there whom have a soft spot for old, adobe ranchos, this is the AirBnb for you! Located in one of the last under-developed areas of San Marcos, in a region known as Los Vallecitos, sits this stunning piece of architecture. It has been so well preserved by its owner, Anna Krasheninnikova.

When Anna first purchased the home in 2019 she said it looked like something out of a horror movie.  There had been people squatting in the home whom had partially burned it down, it was in great disrepair and infested with bees.

She said she was the only interested buyer that didn’t have plans to demolish it.  And thankfully she got to purchase it, because what she has done to this property is so worthy of proper recognition.

Anna helped to restore this 1958 adobe into a wonderful example of California’s Rancho period. Technically the home was constructed a century later than the period, but it still has the same essence as those times.  Regardless, it is one of a small few remaining historical adobes in San Diego and possibly the only one you can actually spend the night in.

There are some other beautiful adobes in this area as well that have been turned into museums that you can visit which are the Rancho Guajome Adobe and Rancho Buena Vista Adobe.

The interior design of the home is a thing of itself.  Anna truly has a knack for decorating!  It is clearly a passion of hers which shines through.  Each piece in the home seems to have been thoughtfully chosen, with a wide variety of patterns and styles, and yet everything meshes together so perfectly.

I fell in love with the electric piano which made it sound like I was composing scores for a movie with all the neat sound effects.  I could have played it forever and now have a wish to have one in my own home one day!  There are also board games and puzzles you can play!  We spent many hours working on one of the puzzles and it was so much fun.  I was just sad that we didn’t get to finish it!

What I personally loved was that there was no television inside.  I think most of our homes are so over-saturated with electronics these days and it is not healthy for our minds.  After spending a night in a home that lacked such devices, it really put into perspective how draining they can be to the spirit.

Yes, we were able to use our phones, but we didn’t even want to.  We wanted to be in the moment, soaking in the amazing energy and building organic memories that just cannot be made while glued to a screen.  It was perfect.

The views are a thing in itself here.  San Marcos is so gridlocked with cement structures and I personally find it to be very depressing.  Every time I come to this town, more and more of the land is being destroyed for yet another complex or building of some sort.

When we were on this property, our views consisted of a plant nursery and rolling hills all around.  it helped to give an idea of what all of San Marcos once looked like.  Hopefully these views will remain untouched forever on.

This spot is also right down the street from the Golden Door Country Store.  So if you are into cooking and prefer farm-fresh, organic food, I recommend stopping by here and bringing it back to the property!

Trust me when I say that this is a very special place.  If you are looking for a spot for healing, a quiet sanctuary, somewhere to get your creative juices flowing or just a unique experience, I highly recommend spending a night here.

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Here is a shot of Anna in front of her portion of the home.  She does live on the property as well, but her home is detached from the area you will stay in:

Here are a couple of before photos of when Anna purchased the property. The first photo is of the AirBnb. Crazy!

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