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Halloween Homes: Bressi Ranch

Peppertree Way.

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Dog-Friendly: Yes  Kid-Friendly: Yes

There are multiple streets filled with Halloween decorations so drive around!


Halloween season is alive and kickin'! Even if you feel uncomfortable walking around and want to practice social distancing, neighborhoods such as Bressi Ranch give you that wonderful option!  I had been tipped off by various people that I absolutely HAD to check out this neighborhood and put it on my site, so I finally visited and man, it definitely exceeded my expectations!

There are various streets that really go all out, complete with themes such as the Pirates of Peppertree Way, an insane clown home, a great pumpkin house and one covered with the biggest spider web I've ever seen!

We visited Bressi Ranch the same night we went through the Haunted Hallows in Fallbrook. We had already visited one of the most amazing haunted houses I've ever seen so I went to Carlsbad with low expectations.  Imagine my surprise when the first house we visited was COMPLETELY decked out like some insane horror-house carnival. That home is on Alverton Dr.btw.

Navigating through the other streets, I quickly noticed that the homes had themes.  One street was pirate-themed.  Another street seemed to represent a creepy town complete with a haunted theater, saloon, bakery and more!

Turns out Bressi Ranch has been doing this for 15 years!!  I can't believe I'd never heard of it, let alone this neighborhood which has gorgeous homes.  It's worth the visit alone just to gawk at the stunning southern-style mansions.

I also found out that the neighbors are actually in competition with each other to see who can have the coolest house on the block. Make sure to drive or walk around all the streets to see how many cool homes you can find and get ready to make a few innocent turns and run into full-on decked-out blocks!


Halloween Homes: Bressi Ranch


The pirate street was just too cool!  Keep in mind there are several streets with pirate themes but one that will stand out from the rest!

Photos below by Amber Haslerud:

Photos below by Amber Haslerud: bressi ranch

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1 Review


  • Ashley Mcmenamy
    Rating Overall Rating Difficulty Finding

    Get there before dark…Earlier the better, especially if you have little ones. By dark …it’s packed.
    Well worth the time.. The best decorations for Halloween in San Diego !!! Such a large neighborhood, we couldn’t find where we parked our car. I definitely give them a 5 Star!!!! We Will be back next year!!!

    November 1, 2022

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