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Rancho Santa Fe Rd. & Meadowlark Ranch Rd.

33.110310, -117.225378

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes


There are 7 people buried at the Meadowlark Pioneer Memorial Cemetery total.

Meadowlark Pioneer Memorial Cemetery

Just like Pioneer Park in Mission Hills, all is not what it appears to be at this busy intersection.  If you look closely, you will notice a modest memorial for a group of Spanish settlers from Ventura & Ojai, CA.  There are 7 people buried at the Meadowlark Pioneer Memorial Cemetery total.  Nearby are two white, wooden crosses within a 20X20′ enclosure. This area is respectfully closed to the public.

The inhabitants of this cemetery are tied to some fascinating stories.  One of the couples lived on a 160-acre homestead near Questhaven Rd. and another was killed by a relative of Colonel Cave Couts.

Taking care of the small cemetery has been an undertaking for the remaining family members for decades now, including fighting the city to help preserve it.

As more houses were built in the area, a need for wider roads became necessary.  The city tried to negotiate moving the graves to a more formal cemetery. The Tico family were not having it and demanded their family member’s to remain, as well as receive a nice memorial.

The City of San Marcos eventually widened the street and put a memorial on the side of the road and in the median commemorating those who are buried beneath.

View list of those interred Here


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  • Jonathon M Golden
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    I wait at that left turn lane several times a month and never noticed this before. Hidden in plain sight!

    April 16, 2017

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