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Coronado: The Wonder of it All

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Article by Danielle Berkley from Walk About SD:

If you are a local, then you know what part of town I am referring to when I say, Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to… “Nado” or, The Emerald City, or The Crowned City, or even OTB (Over the Bridge) CORONADO, I Go…

Greetings from the walkabouter who enjoys to writeabout; however, this neighborhood share about Coronado has been a long time in the making. WHAT IS THERE TO SAY AND WRITE THAT HAS NOT BEEN said already? What can I impart that offers something unique? MEH excuses excuses, I dare say PLENTY ol’ Chap. Before delving in, a brief history, for context shapes meaning, is essential.

Incorporated in 1890, Coronado boasts a rich history within an exceptional community surrounded by the bay and ocean. It is a peninsula, not an island, but who dares to challenge the crown?

In 1888, world renown Hotel Del Coronado opened and has been a must-see so-cal destination ever since—a sight surely not to miss. And don’t forget the house known as the mini–Del is fresh on the market for all you Ballers.

There is also a huge military presence that inevitably characterizes the Island. It’s unbelievable to me that in other San Diego neighborhoods like Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Bankers Hill, for example the air traffic is loud and irksome. Au contraire in the Nado, it’s just cool. Super Cool.

Following the opening of the Del, the island has endeavored to create a resort-like atmosphere. It is most certainly a paradise to see—a sweet village with great shops, eateries, and a lifestyle to envy. Coronado offers so many great spots to play sports, bike, run, walk, you name it.

The spectacular backdrop highlights the spectacular homes, and everything is within walking distance. There is even a home front judging committee!

Hells bells already, let’s dive into it, and by it, I mean the AHHHHH feeling you get when you are NOT even ON the Island yet but still driving OTB; at least that’s when it started for me. Since the very first time I visited Coronado until now, I still have the same sensations and feelings of wonderment– a nostalgic feeling of bygone times of my youth, or perhaps it feels as if I entered a movie set. Lovely.

Although we all love the Hotel Del, the pimped-out golf carts, and the golden soft sand in between our toes as we glide along the one-of-a-kind beachline coast, this piece focuses on other delightful attributes. For example, I always ask myself every time I visit, what is it about this tiny place that is so special?

I think MMMM smells SOOO good, and the temperature is always perfect, and even though I have walked the same streets over and over, each time feels like the first. I can literally do it over and over and always see something new that I haven’t seen before.

The landscapes, manicured lawns, the beautiful architecture and the love and care for each one is nearly perfect. There are trinket trees intimately maintained strewn about, and knick-knacks GALORE throughout these wondrous yardscapes to see and want to see MORE.

neighborhood walk coronado

I can recall when I began to explore Coronado walking about which can easily be walked in a day, yet I find it amazing that you can return to the exact place the next day, do it all over again like it’s brand new.

How such a small place can accomplish such simplicity is not for me to understand but to embrace. I meander from alleys to streets to parks in between—it all connects. Each time I think I find the most beautiful home; the next house puts me right back to square one—another wonder of delight.

The Nado boasts I think the best alleys in town—and most of the kids are playing hoops or just having a blast with their friends. Aside from Orange Ave, which is the Nado’s main street, if you will; other areas to enjoy including: the Ferry Landing, Adella Avenue strolling, Star Park, Mathewson Park, and Vetter Park.

These can all be accessed from the streets and are less travelled to parks for those who are looking for some peace and quiet. Orange Avenue is fun because it’s central so you can wander and know where you are always.

The Island features two hardware stores that are GREAT, a thriving art scene, two local newspapers, and a library that proudly boasts housing the best of the literary world.

When it comes to the historical traditions, Islanders are proud and participatory in upholding these long-standing traditions such as the Flower Show, the Memorial Day Parade, the Festival of lights Parade to name a few.

Wow, all this action is making me thirsty. Good thing there are great spots to get a refresher—a snack, pastry, coffee, ice cream, Italian, Thai—you name the cuisine and I dare say it’s within walking distance;).

New award-winning restaurants as well have just opened their doors to rave reviews—be sure to go for a Nado walkabout and check them out. Mmmm, this all sounds so divine that I may be in the mood for a little wine; I would certainly check out Nado’s local IT spot. It’s not a huge nightclub or anything but again, if you’re a local, you know That spot.

So many delicious options, I am craving the Nado Now. Just one last detail not to forget: Nobody gets to see the wizard, NOT NOBODY NOT NO HOW! If anyone knows where this sign lives, Bravo! You are one step closer to being an Islander—now go explore. Xoxo.

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There used to be this wonderful public piano that just sat outside for anyone to play.  I don’t believe it’s there anymore unfortunately:

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