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Neighborhood walks are one of my favorite things to do.  You don't realize how many details you're missing out on when driving or biking.  When on foot, you're forced to go at a slower pace and really take in all that's around you.

One of the most magical neighborhoods in all of San Diego, in my opinion, is Del Dios.  It's tucked away amongst the shaded oaks with stunning views of Lake Hodges. It's a small community of around 125 homes with many of the residencies being artists of some form.

From what I was told, the whole artist movement started in the 60's and 70's when coastal home prices began going up.  This was an area that was both beautiful and still affordable at the time. A bunch of friends bought houses out here and word must have spread that this was a congregation for creative types.

There are many streets to walk through and I have returned time and time again, finding new details to appreciate every time I visit.  There is a cute and historic restaurant that you can dine at while visiting, called Hernandez Hideaway and a ton of lakeside hiking trails as well.

I have had the pleasure of viewing a couple of the homes here and boy are they unique!  I have even given them their own pages, the Del Dios Treehouse and the Spaceship House.  This is a tight-knit community that definitely feeds of each other's energy.  The result is a colorful, mystical area filled with beauty and oddities all around. I found this article on the Del Dios community to be very fitting.

The area is not complete without its own Lochness Monster legend, but I will be saving that story for another day!

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One of the homes we got the privilege to visit is known as the Del Dios Treehouse:

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And also the Spaceship House!

Tucked away in the hills of Del Dios & over-looking Lake Hodges stands the Spaceship House. Come take a look inside!

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