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5102 Sweetwater Rd
Bonita, CA 91902

32.67471022323572, -117.02316178935709

Dog Friendly: Yes   Kid-Friendly: Yes

Hike: .85 loop trail with many connecting trails   Level: Easy


About Morrison Pond

Morrison Pond is a scenic loop trail located inside Sweetwater Regional Park. This park is part of an extensive network of trails along the Sweetwater River. You will come across plenty of intersections to extend your hike if you choose to go further.

The original inhabits of this area are the Kumeyaay who named the region Apusquel. It was later a dairy farm and then a sand and gravel quarry.

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit the Salt Mines nearby!

I had a lovely reader, Sarah Stewart, write me that her family originally lived on the dairy farm and later sold their property to Mr. Morrison.  According to her, Mr. Morrison would break their fishing poles if he caught them fishing in his pond!!  Here are a couple photos of their farm:

There is much sight-seeing to be done here. Keep your eyes peeled for bird species such as yellow warblers, black-headed grosbeaks, coots, herons, egrets, woodpeckers and many more species.

We explored in springtime when it was in full bloom. What a spectacle it was seeing all the bright, welcoming colors. Springtime is often the best time to go hiking if you’re wanting to witness the area at its most lush. This is a great hike for the entire family to enjoy and make sure to bring along your pup!

Sweetwater Regional Park (1)

Wild mustard grove:Morrison Pond

Lots of tasty wild radish:

Wild thistle:

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  • Irene Turgeon
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    Great adventure to be in middle of town and feel your in nature.
    One request, put porta potties at main entrance, please!

    June 4, 2021

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