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145 S Magnolia Ave.
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (619) 444-7062
32.794030, -116.962133

Dog-Friendly: No    Kid-Friendly: Yes

Admission: Free. Buy publications.    Hours: 10:30AM–4PM // Closed Sundays. (Call to verify)


About Unarius

Unarius is definitely one of San Diego’s more interesting locations. Founded in 1954 by cosmic visionaries Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman (also known as Uriel). it is considered a spiritual school offering an in-depth curriculum of self-mastery on the interdimensional understanding of energy.

Born in 1900, Uriel had very little formal education since childhood and most likely this helped shape her into the eccentric he became.  In the 1940’s she began a deeper insight into psychic phenomena and past-life regressions.  These interests brought her to a psychic event where she met Ernest, her 4th husband.

While you’re in the area, make sure to check out Kuma Bonsai Nursery nearby!

Together they founded Unarius. The couple would often discuss with their students their many past lives and visits to other planets. One of Unarius’ specialties is honing in on people’s past lives. Uriel was a larger than-life personality when she was alive, often sighted driving around town in her cosmically-decked out car.

Co-founder of Unarius, Uriel

Co-founder of Unarius, Uriel

We came here on a whim, after hearing many stories of this place being a cult and such.  Just like the other “cults” in San Diego, these people I believe are just unique and on their own tip.  They were extremely welcoming and gave us a tour of the property.  They definitely have interesting beliefs!

They believe in reincarnation and many of the people here believe they were once very powerful people, such as Cleopatra.  Who knows!

Here is a great documentary on Uriel and Unarius:

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Here is their recreation of Atlantis:

And their stage.  I can only imagine the shows they have here!

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