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The Hubbell House in a private home

About the Hubbell House

For those whom are into unique architecture, the name James Hubbell should possibly ring a bell.  Hubbell is a beloved artist in San Diego that is responsible for designing some of the most distinctive homes and structures in the county. Although this is not his residency (you can see that phenomenal property on this page) it is instead a home he designed. His work is described as both whimsical and something you would find in a hobbit land.

One of his fantasy homes is actually tucked away in the hills of Escondido. It was on the market for awhile and finally ended up selling for $1.43 million in January 2021.  When it was on the market though, I got the lovely opportunity to not only tour the property, but also meet the owners who hired Hubbell to build their dream home!

The Hubbell House sits on almost 16 acres of land with spacious views of the land (and freeway) below.  I’ve driven that part of the 15 freeway a million times. Not once did I realize I could spy a Hubbell home if I looked real hard while passing by!

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How does one create such a strange home?  For one, no wood was involved in the construction of it and instead it was built with 13 Persian arches made from steel pipes and over a mile of rebar & galvanized wire mesh. The roof was then enclosed with 4″ of concrete and roof foam and then coated in liquid rubber. This unique process makes for an equally unique home.

Photo provided by the owner of the Hubbell House being constructed

The Hubbell House was created to blend in with its surroundings, mimicking the large rocks that can be found all throughout this area.  The home sits in a neighborhood known as Hidden Meadows which is quite fitting as this is not only a true hidden gem, but can almost appear camouflaged!

When we got to tour the home I learned that the wife, Gale Pruitt, is actually a beloved artist and sculptor herself.  I was really excited and surprised to see two of her sculptures of dancing women as they used to be displayed at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park!  In fact, I actually have photos of them at the Spanish Village which can be viewed on its page.

Gale also has a piece displayed at Grape Day Park which is a military tribute to Veterans of war. Make sure to check it out if you visit the park!

I feel very fortunate that we got the opportunity to visited this whimsical home.  If you would like to see other public works of art by James Hubbell, consider checking out the Palomar College Arboretum or Briercrest Park in La Mesa!

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Look at the mini sculpture of the home!

Gotta love those views!

So many great touches!

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