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The Spaceship House is a private residence and we will not be giving out directions

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About the Del Dios Spaceship House

Tucked away in the hills of Del Dios lays dozens of unique homes with equally unique owners.  It is said that 30 years ago a group of creative individuals living in Encinitas grew tired of the increasing prices of rent & decided to head to the hills of Escondido for affordable housing.

What a great decision that was!  Today these homes are worth a ton and have amazing views of Lake Hodges! They have literally created an artist colony!

The most unique home to catch our eye ended up having some of the most enjoyable owners. Pancho and Margarita, the owners, graciously gave us a tour of their home and a taste of their eccentric lifestyle.

The Spaceship House, one of several names this home has, is one of the more unique examples of owners letting their imagination fly. Pancho and Margarita say they were inspired by the cylindrical-shaped homes on stilts they saw in Mexico. The two decided to have a home of their own built with this type of engineering.

The 3-story house stands high above the rest of the homes, forcing your attention when you drive by and most likely stopping you in your tracks!

The bottom level was recently renovated & now holds an indoor pool and looks incredibly relaxing. Margarita says she goes for daily swims making sure to get their money’s worth on the investment! The second level is where their kitchen, bedroom, garden and living room are.

You can tell a lot of fun nights of entertaining have gone down here.  Pancho is definitely the life of the party!

**While you’re in the area, make sure to do a neighborhood walk of Del Dios!**

The top level is their rooftop balcony with a sauna and views that go on for days! Their house is brimming with treasures from their travels which is a favorite thing for many adventurers to do.  Let’s take a small tour, shall we? Upon entering their home, I could not help but be fixated on the pathway.

It is filled with beautiful treasures that are said to have been pressed by neighbors and friends during the paving of the walkway.  There is a great attention to detail here.

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They gather death and and give it a second life by turning it into art, similar to the people out at East JesusI was fascinated while walking around their homeCoolest wine stoppers I’ve ever seen!

Tequila a-plenty floating around this pond:

Pancho LOVES ping pong and after a few shots I attempted to challenge him.  Fun times but I obviously did not stand a chance!Powerful, edible herbs grow along the perimeter of their balcony:They have a blue whale’s backbone dangling from their ceiling!  Interesting oddities at every angle!Meet the owners, Pancho and Margarita!


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    I don’t understand…you list this in an article about dog-friendly excursions, but you don’t want to give the address? What the heck?

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    Love your site, but this one was kinda lame.

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