Funki Adventures Jeep Trip

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Funki Adventures Jeep Trip

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We just got back from our annual Jeep trip through Funki Adventures which are always SO much fun!!  This is such a unique way to see parts of California that many of us may not be able to reach in our regular vehicles. You can see last year’s adventure here.

Funki Adventures provides overland-equipped Jeeps (each of which come kitted out with roof top tents and a full set of camping equipment) to adventurers who are excited to get off the beaten path.

Instead of camping in regular camp sites, the ability of the Jeep to head down rutted tracks or climb dusty forest roads, means you can camp in the wilderness away from people and civilization.

In true Hidden California fashion, our trip was still brimming with variety. From off-roading bumpy trails above gulches, sleeping 10 feet from rivers and lakes to visiting historic mansions that were used in dozens of blockbuster movies. These trips take us all over the place!

We have actually teamed up with Funki Adventures, helping to create one-of-a-kind road trips to locations that even locals have not yet found. You are now able to rent one of their Jeeps then follow our custom trip plans and spend 3, 4, 5 or even 30 days exploring the deserts, mountains and everything in between!

This most recent trip we took led us through Los Angeles and into the Sequoias for an unforgettable getaway.  There is something so magical and yet so practical at the same time getting to camp right on top of your vehicle.  You still get the thin veil of a tent that separates you from the wilderness all without the headache of setting up and then breaking down the tent.  With one little key, you pop the tent up and you’re ready to go!

This was a truly remarkable trip that I will never forget. Not only was it an awesome adventure, but it felt safe and so cozy with a HUGE mattress inside the tent! Check out some of the shots of our trip and let us know if you’d like to experience your own adventure like this!

This is the Kern river, which we slept next to for our first night.  Talk about an experience!

This was my first time seeing giant sequoias and the energy I felt there was so pure of love that it brought tears to my eyes.  I really hope these ancient forests stay protected!

I have to give a big shout-out to the Trash Warriors we met while camping one day.  These volunteer men are part of a bigger organization called Keepers of the Kern where the mission is to keep the Kern river and land surrounding it in pristine condition.  They said city folks come out all year long and leave a ton of trash.  Please do your part and leave no trace and even better, help pick up trash when you see it. We’re all in this together!

We did a little off-roading here which is such an adventure and look at those views!

Our second night was lakeside camping. Watching the sunset from our tent window was nothing short of magical:

This was seriously such a beautiful sunset!  The clouds literally looked like they had wings!

We happened to camp the night of the lunar eclipse/blood moon:

We made friends with some of the locals and enjoyed a huge bonfire with them:

Spring time did not disappoint.  So many plants were in bloom!

Fresh juice every morning is a must!

We definitely didn’t just hike.  No back-country excursion is complete without visiting a ghost town!

Anyone recognize this landscape?  It’s been shot in some very big movies and shows:

We ended the trip by visiting a mansion used in a ton of movies, cause why not!  I love variety!

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