Poison Oak

Poison Oak

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Let’s talk about poison oak for a second. Do you know how to identify it? What if you already have it. Do you know what natural remedies actually  work? I would like to start off by saying I am a special breed. I know darn well what poison oak looks like but I still tend to venture into it if the only way from point A to point B is through it.

I usually cover head to toe when I adventure which has helped tremendously in preventing poison oak, scratches from plants and also sun protection. Sometimes it happens though. You get home, take all your clothes off and shower but that oil is so vicious that if it’s left behind anywhere it can inflame your body like a wildfire. Within the next 24-48 hours you can be covered! It starts off looking and feeling like a bug bite. Beware!


The three leaves tip is super-important. Also remember: red equals rash. The leaves of poison oak often turn red depending on what time of the year it is. For you seekers of beauty, a poison oak grove is quite alluring. I can see people wanting to model and photograph inside it because it looks so green and lush amongst the forest. Study what it looks like and stay away!


I have had poison oak enough times to have a decent say in what works. I’m all for being natural and keeping toxins out of the body and off our skin. With that said, here are the three steps that I recommend:

1. Tea Tree Oil- Mix half and half tea tree oil and water and apply it to the rash. This should take away the itching almost immediately and replace it with a nice, tingly feeling that tells you SOMETHING important is going on! This also helps dry out the rash and the wonderful, yellow ooze that comes with it.  Only apply the tea tree for the first few days as you allow the rash to dry out.

2. Aloe Vera- Once the rash begins to really dry out you can apply fresh aloe vera. If you don’t own an aloe plant, buy one! This is one of the most amazing plants out there for you internally & externally. NASA has even stated it’s one of the best house plants for filtering out toxins from the home!

3. Coconut Oil- Last step is to apply coconut oil once the rash is in the drying stage. You can buy from your local health or grocery store.  I didn’t figure out this magical ingredient until recently but literally the next morning when I woke up my rash was reduced in half. Within 2 days it was nothing but a faint scar of the past. Coconut oil is soooo amazing! It’s also great in your hair as an oil treatment, applied on skin for dryness and of course it is filled with wonderful benefits when taken internally as well!

Here’s a shot of one of my rashes.  Not too cute!


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