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Borrego Mountain Wash

Borrego Springs, CA 92004

Trailhead coordinates: 33.18213, -116.21417

Dog Friendly: No    Kid-Friendly: Yes

Hike: 1 mile out and back    Level: Easy (but narrow)


**Make sure to check out our list of Hidden Gems in Anza Borrego State Park for the ultimate day trip!**

About the Anza Borrego Slot Canyon

The Anza Borrego Desert is actually the largest state park in California, with over 600,000 acres to explore & 500 miles of dirt roads. What appears to be barren land to the untrained eye, is actually a land rich with treasures that require going a little off the paved path to find.  One of those treasures is the majestic slot canyons.

Slot canyons are narrower than they are deep, often to an extreme degree. Formed by flowing water eroding rock in a tight seam over millions of years, some canyons feature dramatic sculpturing of the nearly vertical cliffs. The Anza Borrego Slot Canyon reminded me a lot of Annie’s Canyon, which is a coastal slot canyon in Solana Beach.

It is advised to have an off-roading vehicle while traveling here as you will traverse off the paved road onto a dirt one. Always check the current road conditions.  If it’s rained recently, even a 4-wheeler can get stuck.  Take it from us as it’s happened out here before!

While you’re in the area,  make sure to check out Galleta Meadows nearby!

Not a fun time! Make sure to have the coordinates plugged in before you head out to find this spot as there is no service and is easy to miss the road.

A glimpse from above of the adventure we’ll be getting ourselves into!Anza Borrego Slot Canyon

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  • Anonymous
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    I’d just be aware some kids may not do well due to the amount of cacti. Very well behaved kids (4 and up) that don’t have ADD or other disorders should be fine. I’ve known adults that have even been not paying close-enough attention and ended up in some excruciating pain from catching some cacti in their clothes then their flesh. I wouldn’t take my kid with adhd here because likely would end up with the same issue.

    June 7, 2020

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