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Dudley's Bakery & Living

30218 Highway 78

Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

(760) 765-0488

33.10934703677, -116.6755519650

HOURS: 8am-5pm Daily

Dog-Friendly: Only during poor weather  Kid-Friendly: Yes

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About Dudley’s Bakery & Living

Dudley’s Bakery is one of those spots that is nostalgic for so many of us. Located at the base of the Cuyamaca Mountains in Santa Ysabel, this foodie destination is brimming with countryside charm.

Many stop by Dudley’s for a loaf of their iconic bread but I highly recommend staying for a hearty meal as well.  Celebrating its 60th birthday this year, it’s no wonder Dudley’s has warmed the hearts (and bellies) for a large chunk of San Diegans.

Dudley’s Bakery & Living was founded in 1963 by Dudley Pratt.  He originally started his bakery in El Cajon but later decided to move it out to the back-country to be more of a destination spot for food lovers. I must say, there is nothing better than stopping by here after a long hike.  It’s the best celebratory meal. Enjoy a full breakfast and lunch menu alongside desserts and an espresso bar. All items are baked fresh daily, starting in the wee hours of the night.

The newest owner, Lydia (as of 2018), is honing in even deeper on carrying only the finest ingredients. She sources locally as often as possible (this includes the curated boutique also inside the bakery). She said she’s made minor tweaks to the recipes to raise the bar when it comes to quality and locally sourced ingredients, such as:

* Cage free eggs,
* Superior quality high in fiber flour from a family farm in Colorado (originated in So Cal),
* 100% butter;
* Produce from family-owned farm in Ramona;
* highest quality chocolate for creams and cookies 

Even their water is from a natural spring well on their property! That in itself makes this is an extremely unique bakery because no other establishment can duplicate their water. 

The original recipes were inspired by Dudley’s trips across the globe, creating those perfect items that people still travel great lengths to purchase. It’s said he would close his shop for 2 months out of the year and travel across Europe for inspiration.

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It’s not surprising to hear multi-generational families remark that they have been visiting here for 30+ years. Some of their more popular items are their fresh pastries, sourdough bread and highly coveted fruit bars.

Beyond their bakery, they also have a beautiful boutique & apothecary carrying local goods. This is such a great way to support your local creators! Sadly Mr. Pratt passed away only 10 years after opening his bakery.  It is so touching to see how his legacy not only lives on but is still thriving to this day!

So the next time you’re heading up to Julian, make sure to stop by this lovely spot.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Pro-tip: Seating runs out FAST, so it’s great to know that there’s a secret outdoor dining location behind the shop! This obviously only works if it’s not too cold out!

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