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Encinitas Hippie Homes

About the Encinitas Hippie Homes

Many years back I was tipped off to these legendary hippie homes in Encinitas where artists lived and painted their houses in bright colors and added beauty across every inch of the exterior.  I had even seen photos which further proved they existed!  It took many years to finally figure out where they were and they definitely did not disappoint!

Before this was a trailer park it was a campground. Legend has it that many of the artists that now live in Del Dios, such as the owners of the fantastic Spaceship House, used to live in these homes. Del Dios is an artist colony itself with an amazing lakefront view, so you can’t necessarily blame these people for moving.

So who lives in the Encinitas Hippie Homes now?  Well, from what I was able to gather, more artists and eclectic individuals and even a professional skateboarder!

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit Dave’s Rock Garden nearby!

The few residents that I was able to chat with said almost everyone who lives here are long-term residents with an appreciation of color and thinking outside of the box. I only wish all neighborhoods could be allowed to paint their homes however they want!

If you’re into bright, colorful homes with fantastic history, I recommend checking out the Victorian Homes of Golden Hill one day as well.  You will not be disappointed!

The coolest home in this park, in my opinion, was the mosaic house shown below.  It was literally covered from head to toe both inside AND outside with mosaic artwork.  I got to meet the lovely owner, although she asked to not be photographed as well as no photos of the inside of her home.  She said she started adding mosaics to her home as a form of therapy and it grew from there.

TIP: If mosaic home are your thing, we’ve visited an AMAZING mosaic house created by one couple in Venice Beach.  Learn more about it here.

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These homes were featured in a segment I filmed with CBS on hidden gems in Encinitas.  Check it out!

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