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Sky Falconry

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Dog-friendly: No  Kid-Friendly: Each experience has a different age limit

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About Sky Falconry

For those who crave incredible up-close experiences with birds of prey such as falcons, owls and hawks, Sky Falconry is the place for you! This is a truly magical experience combining nature, master falconry and the connection between humans and birds.

Their classes offer a glimpse into a world of ancient traditions resulting in an unforgettable adventure that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

Located in Alpine, Sky Falconry is a federally-licensed falconry school that offers public classes free-flying birds of prey. Choose from Hawk Walks, Basic Falconry Lessons or Private Raptor Experiences working with 3 different species (including a Great Horned Owl Encounter)!

Sky Falconry is run by partners Kirk Sellinger and Denise Disharoon.  Both of them are master falconers who are passionate with the belief that by educating the public about wildlife, the public will help protect it.

Make sure to visit the Alpine Historical Society nearby!

We attended their Hawk Walk with 4 other people for an unforgettable falconry experience! The owners took us on a short hike to various viewpoints on their 40-acre property where the hawk would fly through the air and onto our arm.

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To get to see this massive bird up close and ON me was so amazing!  It was like having a behind-the-scenes encounter at the zoo except for you’re out in the wild. The bird has free range to literally leave and never come back if it chooses!

Ancient Hunting Practice

Falconry is actually one of the oldest hunting traditions in the world. It dates back somewhere between 4,000 and 6,000 BC in the steppes of Mongolia. Falconry is the practice of training raptors to hunt wild prey with humans.

Although their hawk does not actually hunt for prey for its owners during your visit, you can expect it to hunt on and off the entire time, as is their nature.  It was fascinating watching it dive bomb into a bush. I was told it catches prey in front of guests often (thankfully no sweet bunny was killed in front of us!).

The Drive

The drive to their property is a great adventure in itself. Make sure you follow their written directions and have the coordinates plugged in before you head up the mountain. You will most likely lose signal.

The views were out of this world and you are able to see the entire coast of San Diego County! There is also a hiking trail up Mt. Viejas at the beginning of their road. I will definitely climb it one day! Imagine when those peaks are snow-capped:


Sky falconry serves as a reminder of the importance of conservation. By participating in sustainable practices and respecting the delicate ecosystem, falconers contribute to the preservation of both the environment and the ancient art of falconry.

Here are some important ways we can help:

Never throw anything out your car window, including organic materials.
Never use lead bullets.
Never use rat, gopher, pigeon or any other poisons.
Build nest boxes.
Eat organic, pesticides poison humans, animals and the environment as a whole.
Put reflectors on large windows.
Support local conservation efforts.

They also took us to some ruins of an early settler’s homestead that burned down:

And a shot of owner Denise Disharoon “taming the beast”:

Photos above by Muhammed Zatar

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