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Washington Street Skatepark

Pacific Hwy & W Washington St.
San Diego, CA 92101

32.748064, -117.187285

Dog-Friendly: No    Kid-Friendly: Only if they’re experiences skaters


About Washington Street Skatepark

Washington Street Skatepark is a true hidden gem in the city.  Underneath the Pacific highway bridge near Little Italy, lays one of the coolest skateparks around!

It was built in 1999 by local skaters with the intention of creating an outlet for local skateboarders to enjoy.  They wanted a free place to skate and not risk fines by the city or worry about paying entry fees.

Shortly after, it was shut down by the city since it was built on public property without permission or permits. By involving local TV stations and the skateboard industry to bring attention to the cause, the skaters prevailed.

After a long and hard battle with the city and the proper permits obtained, construction resumed in 2002 and the park was completed a few years after.

While you’re in the area,  make sure to visit Harper’s Topiary Garden nearby!

To this day the park is still thriving. I noticed potted plants, alive and healthy, hanging from the walls which to me represents a sign of a loved park.  The murals and artwork is gorgeous as well.

Make sure if you come here to skateboard you are experienced and be respectful. This is not a place to just hang out and spectate and not best for younger, inexperienced skaters. Skateboards only.  That means no rollerblades or scooters.

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2 Reviews


  • WST
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    @Tanya carbajal,

    Everyone who helps at the park

    are volunteers. We do our best to get the gates open as soon as possible. The park is open to

    The public. But, Yes the park is for skateboards only. No bikes, scooters, roller blades as the posted rules state.

    July 27, 2019

  • Anonymous
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    Washington Street Skatepark



    May 28, 2020

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