Visit Off Main St. Julian

Visit Off Main St. Julian

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2129 Main St, Julian, CA 92036


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Visit Off Main St. Julian

Visit Off Main St. Julian

For those craving a mountain getaway but don't want to leave San Diego County, I highly recommend a visit to Julian!  Julian is a charming mountain town located in the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains. This is an authentic mining town with a ton of the original shops and history still in tact.

The windy drive up the mountain is so refreshing. If you are looking to clear your mind, just the drive alone could do the trick.

Although Julian is most famous for its delicious apple pies, there is a TON to do out here all year long. From museums, restaurants and a bunch of unique shops, I would love to show you what a day in Julian can look like!

This post is to specifically highlight some of the things to do directly off Main St,. but I have covered a bunch of hidden gems in Julian which you can see on this page!

Main St. is lined with vintage buildings, unique shops and adorable restaurants. The town has been so well-preserved and bursting with countryside charm. Often over-looked are the shops OFF of Main St. though!  Such a shame because they are some of my favorite shops! Let's learn about a few of them!

When we first made it up the mountain we started off with a tasty lunch at Quecho Elevated Mexican Eatery.  The food is inspired by chef Jose's upbringing in Quechola, Mexico and man is it good!!  The food is fresh and affordable.

I had their vegetarian enchiladas and my partner had their street tacos.  Make sure to try their agua frescas too!

We then headed over to a nook known as the KO Corral that has some of my favorite shops in it! We first stopped by Blue Door Winery for some of their tasty Sangria!

I love learning the history of these shops and it turns out this building was once the town's livery stable.   Visit Main St. Julian

Right across from the winery is Juliantla Chocolate Boutique. Whether you desire a quick treat to satisfy your sweet tooth or are wanting a custom-made cake, they have it all!

Owner Yessenia has been baking since she was a child and has worked in many notable kitchens including Mr. A's located in Bankers Hill. Today she has this darling chocolate shop and also recently opened the Purple Own Café, also located right off Main St.!

We then headed into gem & crystal shop Moonshine Magic. I got to meet owner Tommie during my visit and learn more about his passion with gems and healing.

Everything is curated with love and positive intentions. The items in Moonshine Magic range from tiny crystals to huge stones and everything in between.  It's a very beautiful shop. 

Still in the KO Corral is Crow and Lilac, which carries local, hand-made skincare products and crafts. All products are made with clean ingredients which is great for those with skin sensitivities.  And yay for supporting local artists as well!

We then walked one block over to Julian Tea & Cottage Arts . One of the biggest things they're known for are their tea parties, which I have sadly not been to yet.  They are by appointment only so make sure to make a reservation ahead of time!  I did, however, grab a bunch of their loose teas.

I am very picky with my tea and will only purchase high quality.  I stocked up big time on their teas and am loving the flavors so much.

There are some great museums here as well, which can be a little trickier to visit due to their hours as they are volunteer-run. It's still fun to look at the structures from the outside.

The Julian Historical Society sits inside of what was once the Witchcreek Schoolhouse. Learn more about the history of the schoolhouse here

There's also the old jailhouse that you can peek inside:

And the Julian Pioneer Museum which is just brimming with old relics from the area.  Definitely worth the $3 to see inside!

We ended our evening at the Purple Owl Café which just recently opened.  The food is colorful and oh so good!  I will definitely be coming back here.

This is owned by the husband and wife duo whom also own the Juliantla Chocolate Boutique. You can tell a ton of heart and creativity went into this menu.  Make sure to try one of their signature drinks too!

Pictured is their Fruit Crepe, Purple Owl Drink with pea flower tea & lemonade and their Rose Matcha latte:

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