August 2022

  About the Buena Vista Cemetery   This sadly isn't the first time we've written about a cemetery being bulldozed over by the city.  Pioneer Park in Mission Hills, for instance, still has the bodies buried on the property, although the tombstones have long been removed.  What was once known as Calvary Cemetery is now a park for the community. Hundreds of people

San Diego boasts hundreds, if not thousands, of parks throughout the county.  As lovely as I'm sure they all are, there are some that far outshine the rest.  Over the years I have taken it upon myself to seek out the most unique parks in San Diego.  We have found so many enchanting pockets all over the county.  These parks

Encinitas is one of San Diego's coastal neighborhoods with a great love and appreciation for color, creativity and nature.  I have have stumbled upon so many wonderful pockets while exploring out here. Here is our list of our favorite hidden gems in Encinitas! HIDDEN GEMS IN ENCINITAS: 1. Cal Pacific Orchid Farm link  Visit the largest orchid nursery in San Diego County! One of


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