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We found two mines near each other but there is a third, larger mine higher up on the hill. It was hot the day we explored and we had people waiting in the car for us so we didn't bother the climb. I've been tipped off that this land is owned by a sheriff but there is a direct trail from the road leading right to them and no signs stating no-trespassing.  Either or, you'd be entering at your own risk.

These mines were so pretty though!  They don't go deep and you can see the end from outside.  They glistened so beautifully with mica.

I found this on the internet about the minerals: "The lower hillside around both sites sparkles with mica chips that litter the ground.

We also found a lot of cream colored feldspar along with lots of garden variety quartz. A couple of very small quartz pieces exhibited a little rainbow, but it was probably just diffraction.

We found a couple of nice specimens of mica on feldspar, but in general, this site is not worth traveling any great distance to visit. If you’re in the area though, give it a look."

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    WOW! I think the dead coyote is the coolest part.

    December 5, 2019

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