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Poway Horse Trails

Trail 1: 32.974722, -117.036090
Trail 2: 33.001310, -117.058029
Trail 3: 32.953792, -117.041289

Hike: each trail varies in miles and difficulty

Dog-Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes

About Poway’s Horse Trails:

This page will be a work in progress as we discover more back-trails/horse trails to add to the list. Poway is filled with horse trails as an alternative to walking the sidewalks along the busy roads or even residential neighborhoods.

We’ve found some really pretty horse trails during our explorations that I’d like to share with you Powegians or even those who’d like to explore this town more. So far we have 4 back-trails/horse trails to share! I do not know any official names of these trails so if anyone wants to help out it would be greatly appreciated!

While you’re in the area, make sure to visit Metate Meadows nearby!

This first trail is off of Midland rd.  It will spit you off onto Twin Peaks rd. There are some off-shoot trails here that take you into some pretty magical fields! Trailhead: 32.974722, -117.036090

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This second trail we use to take as kids all the time.  It starts on Pomerado rd, temporarily takes you through a neighborhood uphill then into the hills for a great view! Trailhead: 33.001310, -117.058029.  You then walk up Pedriza dr. all the way up hill until you find the new trailhead: 33.002093, -117.054456Remember, you start off on a dirt path, then go through a neighborhood then continue up the mountain.

The third trail we have found starts on Community rd. and takes you to Community Park.  If you have a dog, this is a great walk because there is also a dog park in Community Park! Trailhead: 32.953792, -117.041289

The 4th trail is actually a series of trails known as the Del Poniente Trails. There are multiple trails and trailheads.  Here are a few:

32.98928229803277, -117.03205529280685

33.00157872716592, -117.03244122551925

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  • Explorography TV
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    I’ve been looking to do a video here for forever! still gonna be a while before i can.

    October 2, 2017

  • Audra B
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    Hello and Happy Trails to you!
    The first “horse” trail, off Midland Road is known by Poway locals by two names. First name will be known by parents of Boy Scouts as Spider Alley. The trail gets this name by Scouts as during the fall months, you will certainly see the Trail or “Alley” if you will full of big and sometimes huge Spiders! Two of my four sons were scouts in Poway back in the early 2000’s and we would take Pack 608 on a night hike through “Spider Alley” during October. This was always a very daring task for the Scouts, and parents too! Try it yourself! Keep in mind there are packs of Coyotes living on the east side of the trail as well as Rattle Snakes during the warm months. The second name for the trail is the Rodeo Trail as it runs along the Poway Rodeo for half a mile. The Poway Rodeo is located on Tierra Bonita Road. The trail is exactly 1/2 a mile from Midland Road to Tierra Bonita. Rattlesnake Creek runs through this trial and connects with the Midland road tunnels. You can find local kids, usually boys, crawdad fishing during the season. There is an abundance of them as well as wild berries, but poison oak is also present- so be cautious.


    February 22, 2022

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