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The Sunset Trail to Laguna Meadows is one of the most scenic hiking trails in all of San Diego. Beautiful during every season, take this day trip now!

Sunset Trailhead
Sunrise Hwy, Mt Laguna, CA 91948

Where to Park: 32.857168, -116.464226   Trailhead: 32.860989, -116.462095

Dog Friendly: Yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes

Hike: 8 mile loop    Level: Easy (just wear good shoes)

**Adventure pass required**

Note: The map pictured above shows the entire loop trail.  You can easily cut this hike short as there are other trails that will intersect before the lake and take you back to the trailhead.  This will cut the hike down by around 3 or 4 miles.

About the Sunset Trail to Laguna Meadows

The Sunset Trail in Mt. Laguna was such an unexpected surprise the first time I did this hike. I’ve done this hike at least half a dozen times.  It’s just that beautiful that you want to return to it over and over again.

On this hike you will see sprawling meadows (either in hues of yellows, green or white depending on what time of the year you visit), several bodies of water (that occasionally dry up) and scenic views that span all the way to the ocean on a clear day.  The hike is packed with variety and beauty, all in under an 8 mile loop.

These trails are frequented by mountain bikers and dogs are allowed on leash, which is always a bonus point for me as my little pup hates being left behind. I’m yet to do this hike after a good snowfall.

Here is the same field in the springtime:   become a member

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    EPICOSO!!! I am a photographia to. I am go here next wkend to take pictures

    April 3, 2020

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