Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Bird & Butterfly Garden

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About the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Bird & Butterfly Garden:

The Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, located in Imperial Beach, is a wonderland in itself with over 1800 acres and 22.5 miles of hiking trails.  This specific page is for their butterfly and bird garden which has multiple trailheads attached to it. The garden itself is only a few acres but still quite beautiful.

This area is AMAZING for bird watching. Over 340 native and travelling bird species have been spotted here.  I have visited here a couple times and two of the rarer birds I was able to identify were a Black-throated Magpie-Jay and a Cardinal.  It was a very special experience to get to see these birds in the wild.

Visit the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Community Garden when you’re in the area!

Beyond the wildlife, the plant life at the garden is very beautiful.  These photos were taken in early summer.  If you only visit once, springtime would be ideal to see everything at its peak.  If you live nearby though, I would definitely say to become acquainted with this park.  There are endless exploration opportunities!

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So many spiderwebs!

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We hiked for a little when we were out here.  The trails sure are beautiful!

You may even spot some horses! Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Bird & Butterfly Garden (3)

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  • Amabel
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    Beautiful places to see and u can see that the community is slowly becoming as one people one nation under God Lov it

    August 16, 2021

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