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About the stone ruins:

I was told that the homestead was built in the 1920s and that the owner was of Llewellyn Iron works. The owner had a horse ranch, raising Thoroughbred race horses. Later the property was sold to the Whitten family, who had Arabian horses and cattle. There was an owners' house on the property. My understanding was that it was a place that race horse owners could keep their horses (since Del Mar was nearby).

I don't think the owner of the ranch owned all the horses. I was told that when the housing development went up, the owner's home remained. There used to be a long drive lined with olive trees (and small houses that the workers on the ranch lived in) that lead to the large house at the end.

The stone buildings were built when Llewellyn owned the property and they were basically a complex of buildings for outdoor parties, including cooking facilities, a dance floor, etc. For years, the Green Valley Civic Association held an annual barbecue there. Sadly, when housing nearby went in, the developers decided they didn't want to assume any liability for the complex and didn't maintain it. So here it sits today, merely a skeleton of what it once was.

Personal Experience: This is a rather short and easy hike but packs in a lot of beauty year-round. A decent amount of the hike in the Summer Sage Woods is shaded and provides lush greenery even in the dry summer. I am adding this spot to our member's section due to the homestead in hopes of preserving it from being graffitied.

The destroyed homestead has changed rather dramatically over the past decade and I am wondering what happened? Below are 4 photos from the year 2000 provided by Mary Shepardson. I am guessing a fire, but even then where did the half of the stones go?

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Summer Sage Woods

Explore an historic homestead, small waterfall and magical forest!

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    How can we find this

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    @Andrew, how do i find this place?

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