July 2022

San Diego has some amazing lookout spots with stunning views of the land below.  Many of these views require hiking great elevations to appreciate them which is wonderful!  But sometimes you don't have the time or ability to do a hike yet still want to appreciate some beautiful views.  Thankfully we have compiled a great list of the Best Scenic

When thinking of San Diego, extensive cave systems probably do not come to mind.  And that's ok, because besides a few talus cave systems, we really do not actually have extensive caves here.  We do, however, have some really unique shallow caves and rock shelters worth visiting or at least learning about! A few of the caves we have kept out

About our Electric Vehicle Roadtrip We recently teamed up with SDG&E to help promote electric vehicles and take an EV out on the road!  We got the opportunity to rent an affordable Hyundai Ioniq 2022 and took it out for a weekend getaway!  I was truly blown away by how much ground we were able to cover on one charge.  We


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