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3966 Mason St.
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (916) 653-6995
32.753684, -117.197476

Dog-Friendly: Outside, yes    Kid-Friendly: Yes

HOURS: 9-4 daily


About the Mason Street Schoolhouse

The Mason St. Schoolhouse is one of 7 historical buildings that are opened to the public in Old Town. The schoolhouse was built in 1865 and is the first publicly-owned school in San Diego County.

It’s a really interested place to visit in person, and getting an idea of how rigid and strict things were.  The building is one room and taught grades K-8. The Schoolhouse was operated by the San Diego Historical Days Association until 2013 when it was given to Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.

Although the hours state they are open daily from 9am-4pm, I noticed that is not always the case.  I would recommend not just coming here to see the school but adding to your itinerary for the day.

mason st schoolhouse

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  • Freddy
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    I watched a video of many YouTubers going there so decided to be a dubmass and go in i heard talking and a girl scream then there was this boy standing right behind me I chased me I ran for my life don’t go ???

    June 25, 2017

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