July 2023

18 Places in San Diego That Feel Like Another Country By Gina Thompson San Diego is filled with hidden treasures, including some spots where you’ll feel as if you have been transported from California to destinations across the world. Discover new wonders at these international locations in the San Diego area. Around The World 1. Alta Vista Botanical Garden The Alta Vista Botanical Garden is

San Diego is over-flowing with things to do.  So much that it may feel overwhelming at times trying to decide where to go! Now top that with trying to impress a date! With the right person, I believe that everywhere can feel like a date. Still, if you're looking for some truly unique experiences or that perfect dimly-lit restaurant with the

Located inside the historic Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego's Gaslamp District is a brand new murder mystery dinner theater you don't want to miss. This is a highly entertaining, 90 minute event which includes characters from the Gaslamp's Wild West days. I had always wanted to attend a murder mystery because it seems like such a fun pairing. Getting to


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