13 Best Date Ideas in San Diego

13 Best Date Ideas in San Diego

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San Diego is over-flowing with things to do.  So much that it may feel overwhelming at times trying to decide where to go! Now top that with trying to impress a date!

With the right person, I believe that everywhere can feel like a date. Still, if you're looking for some truly unique experiences or that perfect dimly-lit restaurant with the most decadent food, we've compiled a great list for you!  So check it out! Here is our list of the 13 Best Date Ideas in San Diego!


1. Black Swan Gondola


This was such a unique experience for me as this was my first time riding in a gondola!  Black Swan Gondola is located in Lake San Marcos which up until recently, was known to be a pretty exclusive lake.

The gondolas that you will ride on are actually imported from Venice, Italy, so yes, you will get an authentic gondola ride.  It is food, drink, kid AND dog-friendly so there's really not much holding you back from making some unique memories! There is no corkage fee so bring as much wine or champagne as you'd like!

black swan gondola Best Date Ideas in San Diego


2. Eco Chateau


Eco Chateau offers a full menu of unique spa treatments including traditional and specialty massages like cupping, hot stone, lymphatic drainage, prenatal and many others. They also offer private infrared sauna suites, colon hydrotherapy, reiki and advanced skin care treatments. 

If you are thinking about the perfect date night they offer

A Treat for Two

Perfect spa day for couples with a family member or a friend! Please plan on being with them for about 2.5 hours. Enjoy a rotation of the following services:

~One 40-minute Detoxifying Infrared Sauna Session for each guest
~Two Ion Body Detox Sessions
~Each guest receives their choice of one of the following:
~One-Hour Belle Époque Organic, Customized Facial OR
~One-Hour Heavenly Massage
~Two Pints of Kombucha $230 per guest

They have two locations in Mission Valley and Otay Ranch.

3. Balboa Park


There is SO much to do at Balboa Park.  I have lived here my entire life and still never get sick of visiting.  We have compiled a list of Hidden Gems in Balboa Park to really wow your date and possibly take them to some of the lesser know locations.

Keep in mind though that the well known locations are still very special.  There truly is something for everyone here!

become a hidden san diego member

4. Belmont Park


It’s pretty incredible to get to visit an amusement park in our city that is almost a century old. It is in many ways a smaller version of the San Diego County Fair and can easily keep you entertained for at least half a day, if not a full day.

There are rides, games, an arcade, laser tag, zip line, restaurants, food booths, shops and not to mention it is literally right next to the beach.  Since this is not a gated-in park, you can easily go back and forth between the beach and park all day long if you wanted.

I highly recommend purchasing the all-day pass if you can afford it and going buck-wild here.  There is SO much to do.  We tried out almost all of their rides and seriously had such so much fun. There are rides for all ages too. Check out all the rides here.

5. Barbarella


I love Barbarella for a lot of reasons.  First are the efforts they put into their establishment to make it cozy and romantic.  The inside is candle lit with hues of reds and they even have themes for special holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day.

What I also love though is that it is dog-friendly including a pup menu!  But don't get me started with the food!  All ingredients are fresh, organic and mosly locally-bought.  Everything is made with expertise and love!

6. Mt. Helix


Mount Helix has some of the best panoramic view in San Diego. It is breath-taking! I can imagine you can capture killer sunsets here.  Parking is tight though so plan on either walking up or getting here a bit early to ensure you get a spot!

7. Eco Boat Rentals


Eco Boat Rentals is a fun pedal boat rental located in Point Loma.  We got the opportunity to try out one of their pedal boats and had such a great afternoon. We definitely got a nice workout paddling around the harbor.  I know we got a good workout because I was sore the next day.  Success!

This is a great way to get out on the water and get some one-on-one time with someone.  It also keeps you busy so if you're shy, you have a lot to focus on instead of fumbling to keep the conversation going!

They also offer night experiences!

8. Mia Marie Vineyards


For those of you who have not had the opportunity to explore Escondido's back roads, Mia Marie Vineyards may be the perfect excuse to finally experience them!

In an area known as Highland Valley, the windy road leading you up to their winery feels like you're somewhere in the back-country of France or Italy. It definitely doesn't feel like San Diego!

Once you make it to their 105-acre estate, get ready to be greeted with stunning 280° views of the valley below. This is definitely an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset, but beautiful throughout the day as you will quickly see.

9. Sky Falconry


For those who crave incredible up-close experiences with birds of prey such as falcons, owls and hawks, Sky Falconry is the place for you! This is a truly magical experience combining nature, master falconry and the connection between humans and birds.

We visited with a small group who were all couples which made me realize what a unique and memorable date this could be!  Their classes offer a glimpse into a world of ancient traditions resulting in an unforgettable adventure that will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

10. Summers Past Farms


Summers Past Farms is one of my absolute favorite nurseries in San Diego aside from Exotica Rare Fruit Farm in Vista.  It is so much more than a nursery.  They also have a café with delicious coffee, cute boutiques and various classes held throughout the year.  Pure magic!

I love visiting in springtime when all of the flowers are in full bloom.  They have the most picturesque sunflower & sweet pea maze.  If you are looking to do a great photoshoot, this is the spot to do it!


11. Wild West Whodunit Dinner Theater


Located inside the historic Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego's Gaslamp District is a brand new murder mystery dinner theater you don't want to miss.

This is a highly entertaining, 90 minute event which includes characters from the Gaslamp's Wild West days. I had always wanted to attend a murder mystery because it seems like such a fun pairing. Getting to play a detective while eat gourmet food...sign me up!

This is an improv-style show which is witty and interactive with the guests.  Be prepared to be called on, called out or at least partake in the claps, chants and whatnots. While being entertained you will feast on a tasty 3-course meal which includes a salad, the main course and a dessert.

12. Wynola


If you've lived in San Diego long enough, you should most definitely know about Julian, which is arguably San Diego's most charming mountain town.  What less people realize is its sister town right next door: Wynola!

There are SO many unique shops, restaurants and cafes here.  I have gone on many dates here and highly recommend it for couples wanting to branch out a little more.Visit Wynola

13. Occulto 477


At Oculto 477, the theme blends life with death, Catholicism (you must confess your sins in order to enter) and heavy gothic undertones…all with a Spanish twist. The name Oculto 477 has its own unique back-story which plays into the inspiration behind the speakeasy itself.  The word Oculto 477 translates to “Hidden” and 477 is actually paying homage to the 477 bodies buried next door to the bar at El Campo Santo Cemetery.

A bit creepy, absolutely, but perhaps this is what you're into?  This is an extremely intimate bar with exceptionally unique drinks.  If you want to wow your partner, ordering a drink that comes on fire or bubbling with dry ice will get you big bonus points guaranteed!

Best Date Ideas in San Diego

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